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Embrace Tension Fabric

The Embrace Tension Fabric display system features a collapsible straight silver frame and supports a fabric graphic that attaches to the frame by simply pushing the graphic into a thin channel. A sleek, sophisticated appearance, coupled with simplicity and ease of set-up makes this system ideal for use at fairs and trade shows as step-and-repeats, backdrops and more.

Embrace straight displays range from tabletop to full height 5ft, 8ft, 10ft, 20ft and 30ft wide backwalls. L-shaped and U-shaped inline displays are available, as well as 15ft tall exhibit kits, ideal to use to create a commanding and tall presence in any event or environment. Pair an Embrace tension fabric display with the complementary Embrace Counter to add further messaging & branding, as well as storage space, to your display.

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Display Size
  1. 20' Inline2

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  1. Yes3
  2. No4

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  1. Standard Product8

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  1. Lifetime Warranty71 year Warranty2

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Embrace 20ft Backlit Full Height Push-Fit Tension Fabric Display

The Embrace™ 20ft (8 Quad x 3 Quad) backlit push-fit fabric display is a sleek illuminated collapsible display. The Backlit Embrace makes it simple to make a big impact in minutes with easy-to-attach patent-pending LED lighting and a push-fit backlit graphic that attaches to channel bars around the perimeter of the frame. Simply attach ligh...

Price starting at: $5,449.88

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Embrace 20ft Full Height Display Lighting Kit

The Embrace™ 20ft Full Height Light Kit (8 Quad x 3 Quad) makes it simple to transform a standard Embrace 20ft Full Height (8 Quad x 3 Quad) Collapsible Display into an illuminated display with big impact. Attach patented LED lighting to the existing collapsible frame to create a vibrant, eye-catching display. Display frame and graphics sold...

Regular Price: $2,324.75

Special Price $2,260.18

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Embrace Monitor Mount Kit

The Embrace™ Monitor Mount Kit easily integrates with any 8ft tall Embrace backwall to enable the addition of LCD monitors for digital display and messaging. The Monitor Mount can be placed in any quad within the Embrace display and provides a seamless, integrated appearance. Easy to assemble and attach. Maximum monitor size is 40 inches and...

Regular Price: $266.12

Special Price $258.72

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Embrace Table

The Embrace™ Table is a sleek, collapsible return table that delivers style, functionality and storage to any Embrace backwall display. Featuring the same white expandable frame and push-fit SEG graphics as Embrace backwalls, this lightweight and portable accessory is the perfect accent. Tabletop offered in black for a modern appearance.

Price starting at: $1,427.93

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Embrace Single Shelf Kit

The Embrace™ Single Shelf Kit is portable, easy-to-use and adds functionality & flair to any 8ft tall Embrace frame (3 quads high). Simply place the shelf where desired and instantly add space to display small merchandise, awards and more!

Regular Price: $277.57

Special Price $269.83

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Embrace Double Shelf Kit

The Embrace™ Double Shelf Kit adds flair and functionality to any 8ft tall Embrace backwall. Simply attach the shelves to the frame where desired to create space for displaying small merchandise, giveaways, awards and more!

Regular Price: $368.03

Special Price $357.80

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Embrace Bridge

The Embrace™ Bridge is an overhead connection frame used to join two Embrace backwalls to create a dimensional archway. The Embrace Bridge creates depth, visual interest and provides additional branding and messaging opportunities.This lightweight accessory features double-sided push-fit graphics. Add an optional lighting kit to enhance the ...

Price starting at: $1,278.64

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Embrace Bridge Connector

The Embrace™ Connector allows for toolless assembly of the Embrace bridge to Embrace backwalls utilizing simple, user-friendly twist tightening connection.

Regular Price: $30.82

Special Price $29.97

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Embrace Bridge Light Kit

The Embrace™ Bridge Light Kit sits inside of the Embrace Bridge and provides illumination on the under side of the Bridge. Each plastic panel houses the light and features an S-shape design to easily lay inside the Embrace Bridge. The kit includes three plastic panels with built-in lights and power cords for each.

Regular Price: $428.62

Special Price $413.85

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9 Item(s)

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